Shunde Lucas

Shunde LucasShunde Lucas’ 60,000 sq ft factory is located in Shunde City, about 70 miles from Hong Kong, China and is an ISO9001-2002 facility. The company’s operations are highly regarded by The Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment of Shunde, and the factory considered a model factory for foreign investment in Shunde City. Shunde Lucas produces products for a variety of industries and has been certified by NSF and registered with the FDA.

The company’s factory is viewed as an extension of our customer’s operations and is predicated on continuous improvement. The quality control process is based on a stage-gate method where each step in the manufacturing process is isolated to make sure products are made exactly to customer specifications. Shunde Lucas helps customers develop new products and differentiate existing products through product enhancements and cost reductions.

Our management team takes pride in their ability to speak English and communicate with our customers. We encourage our customers to visit our factory and meet with our management team personally. Take a moment and view the video overview and learn more about how Shunde Lucas can help your organization meet it’s goals. If you would like, you can visit the Shunde Lucas factory’s Chinese website to learn more and get the latest information about what we’re up to.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cutting and Sewing
  • Sheeting and Die-Cutting
  • Heat Sealing
  • Packaging
  • Contract Manufacturing

Our customers utilize our factory in a variety of ways:

  • Turnkey Product Development: Which includes product development, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and packaging.
  • Product Finishing: Which is adding to a product component produced in the United States.
  • Contract Manufacturing: We manufacture products for our customers where our factory may use a combination of the customer’s equipment, materials and packaging to produce the end product.

Team Based Training

Shunde Lucas is a team based work environment where training is a part of everyday life. Our training focuses both on personal development, communication and cross-training so that our workers feel connected with the entire operation. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment centered on our people where workers gain the confidence and ability to communicate with one another.