Shunde Lucas

Shunde Lucas

Shunde Lucas Industries, a division of The Lucas Group, has successfully completed a feasibility study to analyze the benefits of using straw pellets, a renewable bio-fuel, for a major part of its production operations. As a result of the study, the Company plans to put the new fuel into use by December, 2011.

Straw pellets are a by-product of all natural ingredients, such as wheat and oil seed straw . The energy contained in the original raw material is highly concentrated, making these straw pellets a clean fuel with very good energy qualities, calorific content with minimal amounts of ash. In comparison to coal, wood and straw pellets are a lower cost and cleaner source of fuel. Moreover, straw pellets are carbon-neutral, since the fuel is made of plant waste which is part of the natural carbon cycle. Burning the fuel to generate energy simply returns the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which will then be reused by the next biomass growth.

1.5 tons of straw pellets produce the same amount of energy as one ton of coal. However, measured in terms of energy produced, the price of straw pellets is actually 15% to 20% lower than that of coal.

“Our goal has been to reduce our dependency on electricity which is subject to government blackouts,” says Bill Marks, President of The Lucas Group which is the parent company of Shunde Lucas. ” The switch to bio-fuel will allow us to be more efficient, reduce our input costs and improve help the overall environment. Electricity is a significant cost component in our manufacturing of filter products and we expect the changeover to make us more competitive and profitable. We have a strong interest in preserving the environment and in producing our products in a way that that leaves little carbon footprint.”

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